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    Hi Eihab, I agree. I would postpone the RFP (1y) and exceptionally extend the current TMC agreement with one year. ------------------------------ Annemarie Ammerlaan Global Travel Manager, SES ------------------------------

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    ​Dear Bettina, your questions makes perfect sense at this tough times , kindly allow me to share my humble thoughts below 1) is there a general assumption among the companies, that the RFP process will be delayed this year due to the virus or is it too ...

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    Curious if anyone's organizations have developed or already had an Employee Assistance Program in place prior to the Pandemic? My organization's executive team has made and collected donations and would like to set some guidelines and parameters around ...

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    hi all we have opened up limited Domestic Flights in China for any client of ours that requests it and according to our colleagues they have also visited some shipyards thanks ------------------------------ Ruth Oren Global Travel Manager, Lloyd's Register ...

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    Big Chains Are Closing Hundreds Of Hotels With just about all global travel on hold, hundreds of U.S. hotels in Marriott's portfolio "are closing or looking at closing," according to Marriott International CEO Arne Sorenson. During a conference call with analysts, he said many of those were "big hotels ...

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