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    Politics hit trusted traveller programmes . The U.S. Department of Homeland Security disallowed New York state residents from joining or renewing memberships in trusted traveller programmes, including Global Entry. DHS cited New York's decision to not share driver’s license information with federal ...

  • Week in Review - 2/3/20

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    American, Delta and United airlines suspended flights to and from China due to the coronavirus outbreak. So have many other carriers around the globe. American and United halted those flights until late March. Delta said it expected the suspension to run through April 30. Many companies also stopped ...

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  • Upcoming IATA Program on NDC March 3-4

    I thought I would put this out there for anyone who is interested.  On March 4th IATA is going to be hosting a summit on NDC in Miami.  The intent is to showcase tangible examples and implementations.  A number of TMCs, airlines, IT provides and buyers are going to be in attendance.  They still have some seats available for corporate travel managers.  If you are interested in attending, I've included a link.  The full agenda has been released on the site.

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