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The New Normal: Case Studies In Return to Travel 14May2020

Leading buyers share the specific steps they are taking to prepare their organizations for a return-to-travel. Get concrete, real-world examples of where these professional travel buyers are in preparing for a post-pandemic return-to-travel and how they're overcoming the challenges that...

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The New Normal: Supplier Services 23Apr2020 Recap

This recap of our industry discussion on supplier plans to alleviate traveller concerns and ramp up capacity when the world is ready to travel again explores the supplier side of the equation to discuss their biggest concerns, preparations for the return of travel and ensuring traveller...

The New Normal Suppliers Services 23Apr2020.pdf

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Checklist for Unused Tickets - 30 April 2020

What can corporate travel programmes do to manage the unprecedented volume of unused airline tickets caused by the pandemic? Planning is key! This checklist walks you through the things to consider as you determine what makes the most sense for your organization. Access the recorded session ...

Managing Unused Ticket Checklist 05032020.pdf

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Technology Planning in Crisis: A Multi-Generational View (April 2020)

Comfort with technology, as well as values and views of business travel, drive generational variance in business travel behaviour. But, with the current coronavirus crisis putting travel on hold worldwide, our findings take on new significance: The technology that younger generations of business...

ACTE Technology Planning in Crisis April2020.pdf

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The Potentially Health-Prejudiced and Age-ist Back to Work Strategy

Courtesy of Envoy Portfolio HR/Legal: It's time to urgently consider how you handle the medical community's likely request that ONLY the young and healthy return to the workplace for foreseeable future. This is unprecedented territory of ethics and employment law. Start working through plans...

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Diversity & Inclusion as an Asset During a Crisis

Courtesy of Envoy Portfolio Don't make the mistake of letting your diversity and inclusion initiatives fall to the wayside. How we engage with people is the basis of all of our companies. Understanding who they are, how they think, how they feel, and communicate appropriately - that keeps your...

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Humor in Crisis and The Future of Meetings & Events

Courtesy of Envoy Portfolio Somewhat behind the scenes, Matt Johnson and Scott Wayne on... Can we tell jokes? How do we stop from being bored? Will we focus more? What’s the future of events and meetings (how do we make virtual conferences not suck?) Who will win the race to recovery? #COVID...

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Planning for Return to Work

Courtesy of Envoy Portfolio We WILL move past this, and when we do it may take some time to readjust. Here is a quick guide to help you be better prepared when it's time for everyone to return to work. #COVID-19 #Corona #Virus #Crisis #Planning

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Communicating Better Around Uncertainty of COVID-19

Courtesy of Envoy Portfolio During a crisis, emotions run high. A doctor of medicine and a doctor of theatre discuss how communication changes by leaders can reduce anxiety and shift public health outcomes in this video . Get your 4 tips to support more mindful communication. #COVID-19 ...

4 Tip for Communication.png

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Rethinking Strategy

Courtesy of Envoy Portfolio A global crisis requires some shifting - some quick tips to rethink your business. Watch this 80-second video overview. #COVID-19 #Corona #Virus #Crisis #Communication

The Envoy Portfolio - Rethinking Strategy - UsvsCoronavirus.png